fredhutch-01-01.jpg Donation Page Redesign

Keep Lifesaving Research Going
By Making Gifting Personal and Easy.




Increase the amount of monthly donations
to [undisclosed] percentage.

Fred Hutch is dedicated to the study of heart surgery, cancer, and HIV/AIDS in Seattle for over 40 years. The Hutch also houses many world-renowned scientists and their programs and groundbreaking research cannot be possible without the support and gifts that are made through the site’s donation page.

My goal for this project was to increase the amount of donations and also making sure that the gift is very personal is dedicated to a program that is meaningful to the donor.

My high-level goals were to:

  • Make it easy to donate on desktop and mobile.

  • Give donors more control of their gifts.

  • Align page to the new brand guidelines.



Early Insights From Observation


Nothing kills donations more than an unusable page and The Hutch’s donation was in need of a refresh! Working with the Creative Director, we identified the following major pain points.


The donation page feels like a giant form!
Important fields such as dedication and recognition has the same visual weight as the other items on the page.


It’s not easy to select
The buttons are too small and may cause error when making a selection.


Visually, it’s unappealing
There are a lot of untapped real estate on the page making the whole process feel longer and tedious than it should.



Users & Audience


Donor’s give to the Hutch because they believe in the organization's mission, goals, and objectives and they care how it uses donations and contributions. A well-designed page can also attracting new donors and efficiently supporting small-scale impulse giving.

In addition, 50% of all donations are recurring donations. Therefore, the page must attract new donors and also retain them.



A New Design


A more captivating banner

Leading the page is a beautiful banner that tells Fred Hutch’s mission and commitment to use the donation for its research. This will impact the decision-making for a potential donor.


Larger buttons

Selection is made easier with the increase in size of the buttons. The selected amount is clearly displayed and the checkbox to make the donation a recurring one is also visible.


Donation is made more personal

You can now make a gift in honor or in memory of someone. In addition, the option to direct the fund to a program is also made prominent as well. This allows donors to contribute a vision that share their values and ideals.


Form made easier

Much like an ecommerce checkout, we want to make sure that the input of credit card and personal information is seamless. We do not want to stump donors with lots of inputs and made sure the input logic made sense for a specific field .